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My name is Dr. Rita Abonyi. I obtained my Diploma in law at the University of Miskolc in 2002 and established my own law firm in 2006, in which I am the leading lawyer. The office has extensive experience in many fields of law, which has given me the opportunity to solve many different kinds of cases throughout my career.

The most striking attribute of the firm is that we do not think we are privileged to be in possession of a law degree. Instead we offer specialized knowledge so that we can provide a professional service to all our clients. We are aware that most people who take legal advice are either in trouble or are in desperate need of professional help to make their legal matters secure and precise, so they count on our help. We know that for our clients, their case is the most important; therefore we solve their problems based on this. Our client’s request is of primary importance to us. My firm gives complete advice on all legal possibilities regarding our clients’ cases. We honestly hand down an opinion, even if the case is not enforceable in a legal way. It is not our aim and wish to start a long and pointless legal case, instead we try to find the best solution. Besides providing the client with a high standard of professional work, we also try to involve the client in the legal case, so that the client can be fully aware of all eventualities. In case of a legal dispute, the lawyer and client work together as one team. They can only win if they cooperate in a cohesive manner. Our belief is that no matter what kind of case we are working on, the victory should be equal to the client’s satisfaction.

We provide our clients with professional, flexible and fast service. Our clients’ positive feedback on the quality of our services is imperative to us, because this is how my office can increase its number of clients. This is why it is essential that our clients share their positive experiences so that our quality of service will be known by others as well.

We hope to greet you very soon as one of our clients.


Dr. Rita Abonyi

1137 Budapest Szent István park 20/b
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Dr. Rita Abonyi
Budapest 1137 Szent István park 20/b
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Dr. Abonyi Rita
+36 1 789-5930, +36 30 966-9619